Pray for me (again)

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 23:10:32 -0700
From: “Tim Gallant”
Subject: Pray for me (again)


I just came home from a congregational meeting. Some of you may remember a note last fall requesting prayer for my situation in the local church. There is a dominant family that has a number of unhappy people (some more so than others). It centers around me, at least on the surface. There remains a complaint that my sermons are too difficult, but there are other matters too. Meanwhile, a goodly number of people are extremely happy with my work here (and some of them express puzzlement about the difficulty complaint, since they say their 10 year old children benefit from my sermons). For myself, I am willing to say that I am still learning to simplify and need to learn a whole lot more in communication, and insofar as that it is true, there is probably cause for some of the concerns. But there is much more involved than that, which I can scarcely begin to detail. Otherwise, the depth of emotion involved on the part of some would be inexplicable.

OVP and Warfield List

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 21:33:53
From: William Smith
Subject: OVP and Warfield List

Just for clarification: both Steve and Rich were on my resume as references. They also knew that our session had adopted the position paper with AAPC on Covenant, Baptism and Election. The Church knows my sympathies. I don’t want anyone on this list to think that I distanced myself from Steve and Rich. In fact (and please remember not to pass this on to anyone), one of the members of the pulpit cmte left the church because of my positions. As I said, the man who posted is not very well informed about these issues.

Just as a humorous aside, one of the young ladies in the Church thinks its cool that I am friends with Steve Wilkins. I could have been Bozo the Clown and it wouldn’t have mattered to her. She’s a big fan of Steve. She wants me as her pastor just so she can talk to Steve!


FPC Jackson / Committee Report

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:40:01 -0600
From: “Jonathan Barlow”
Subject: fpc jackson / committee report

Anyone know why FPC Jackson took down the committee report from the MS Valley Presbytery committee on the Federal Vision?

Apostasy Passages

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 14:17:16 +0000
From: “Jamison Galt”
Subject: Apostasy Passages


I’m helping a Covenant seminary professor, Robert Peterson, with research for a forthcoming book of his on Perseverance and Apostasy. The first step in my assignment is to locate all the Biblical passages that seem to posit some sort of genuine apostasy. I’m especially looking for passages beyond the standard ones mentioned in a discussion of this sort. Thought you all would be a good place to start! Can you help? Thanks — Jamison Galt

Machen Myth

Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2005 08:21:19 EST
Subject: Re: PCRT

In a message dated 1/17/2005 12:44:38 AM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
If you get a chance to talk to him, perhaps you can ask: Why is it better to have the imputed active obedience of Christ than to share in his resurrection verdict? What does the former give that the latter lacks? This is the question I’ve posed repeatedly to Horton, with no real answer beyond quotations from the confessions (which provide him dubious support at best). Maybe I should just email Rick myself . . . .


Perhaps the emotional attachment arises from the fabled story about Machen’s words near his death about active obedience. I admit to being touched by the story when I first heard it. However, my nine years in Charistmatic circles have jaded my views of experiential testimonies. I smile, appreciate the moment, and then think through the experience to see what really is happening. I had one RC Charismatic give a breathy testimony how the bread in communion had the texture of flesh and the wine tasted like blood to him, since he had received the Baptism of the HS. Presbyterians have their mythic stories too!

What made me remember this Machen connection was conversation I had with a CTS student in my congregation. He quoted this Machen story with wide eyed wonder as he talked about his passion for the concepts of Christ’s Passive and Active obedience. Myths live on. When you challenge them don’t expect a reasoned response.