Date: Thu, 03 Feb 2005 22:09:12 +0000
From: “Frank D’Agostino”
Subject: MVP and CCP

Those of you directly affected by the uncharitable actions of these two Presbyteries will be in my prayers. I can’t even begin to imagine the stress you’re under. I only hope the call to war against FV/NPP stops here.

I hope you don’t mind if I pray impreccatory prayers against them. I hope they either repent and begin to engage in charitable dialogue with you; or else that they are severely humbled and removed from power.

— Frank

Central Carolina Overture

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 15:31:04 -0600
From: “Steve Wilkins”
Subject: central carolina overture


Here’s the text of the Central Carolina action (our stated clerk just received it)


Mississippi Valley Presbytery’s denunciations?

Date: Thu, 3 Feb 2005 14:51:48 -0600
From: “Steven Wright”
Subject: Mississippi Valley Presbytery’s denunciations?
Does anyone know if the *presbytery* made those pronouncements?

As a candidate in the MS Valley Presbytery, I attended the Presbytery meeting on Tuesday. Ligon Duncan presented the “final report” of the Ad Hoc Committee on the NPP-NTW-NS-AAPC (“Federal Vision”) [I didn’t make that name up!]. This consisted of a 36-page document distributed at the meeting. Included are the previous précis reports, now with footnotes appended. Included as an “Exhibit” was the letter from the AAPC session responding to those précis reports. The major new item was a letter of over 4 pages designed to be sent out in the name of the MS Valley Presbytery. The plan is to send this to all PCA Presbyteries, maybe all PCA sessions, and perhaps to other denominations as guidance about these issues. At the heart of this letter is a list of 17 views deemed “to be outside the bounds of acceptable diversity within the PCA.” It was explained that no exceptions would be allowed in this Presbytery on these issues and the hope was that this would be the case throughout the PCA. Many of these statements are vague and cry out for clarification, but there were no questions or discussion from the floor of a substantive nature (just a few comments on typos, tone, and a concern about how negative language about John Frame would reflect on RTS). Another action was that this Presbytery would join with another (Central Florida, I think) in requesting the the LA Presbytery investigate the views of TE Steve Wilkins.

Brothers, after sitting through this I could not sleep Tuesday night. I have not personally made up my mind on many of these issues, but as a candidate I was struck with fear. There is clearly no room for discussion around here. Included also was a list of “suggested” questions for the Credentials Committee to use with candidates under the headings of New Perspectives, N.T. Wright, Norman Shepherd, and Federal Vision. You can be sure these suggested will be enacted in theological exams to sniff out anyone with an openness on this broad group of issues.

I was grieved by many things. Though the lengthy letter had not been distributed in advance, it was read and then voted upon at the meeting. There was no discussion of the issues. The letter itself makes references to recent events (such as Rich’s problems with Evangel Presbytery) in a way that strikes me as innuendo and scandal-mongering. In response to AAPC’s request for interaction at an exegetical level, the letter states that “the committee’s purview did not entail the provision of a definitive exegetical, historical and theological rebuttal.” All they attempted to do was evaluate in light of the Confession. Much of the language regarding out-of-bounds views is so vague that there will be a need for a new Magisterium to interpret and apply it. So, who is on the road to Rome here?

I did not post about this earlier because I am still emotionally ripped apart by it. After the document is cleaned up, it will be public and I suspect will be posted on the FPC/Jackson web-site. If people seriously think about it, they will see it for the axe-grinding that it is, but I fear many will accept it all as the gospel truth. It was voted that the committee would continue to work in order to advise those outside the Presbytery and continue publishing. It was announced that Guy Waters has another book coming out from P&R later this year addressing the Federal Vision. The title is, “Covenant Theology Improved?”

Please pray for this presbytery and for all to whom this will be sent. Please pray for candidates wrestling with these issues in the face of such power. Please pray for the unity rather than the fracturing of Christ’s church. And please remember the confidentiality policy of this list!

sw (the younger)