Thoughts on AAPC

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 11:45:17 -0600
From: “James B. Jordan”
Subject: thoughts on AAPC


This came dated 1 January 1970, so I’m reposting it to BH. Just found it.


At 12:29 PM 1/1/1970, you wrote:

Some initial thoughts about the AAPC Pastors Conference:
  1. 1. It was great to meet many of you on the list! (I know many of you were there that I didn’t get to meet — next time)! I wish we had more time to talk!
  2. Steve Wilkins and AAPC did a phenomenal job of hosting the conference! Many thanks to you, Steve, and all the workers!
  3. I think the conference was a landmark both in terms of the content and in terms of the way the discussion was conducted between Gaffin and Wright. It was a great example of how these discussions ought to take place, and hopefully will pave the way for future discussions of the same sort.
  4. A large part of the strain the Reformed churches are undergoing on so called FV and NPP issues is that we are trying to filter everything through and fit everything into a 17th century confession. Imagine the difficulty of doing that in other fields, such as science. This doesn’t make the WS bad, or lessen my love for them, it is just to acknowledge that they express 17th century British theology, not a once-for-all-completed statement of faith.
  5. I enjoyed a number of conversations with Norman Shepherd. He was very positive about Wright’s teaching, while also maintaining that Paul teaches the imputation of Christ’s righteousness for justification.
I hope Drs. Wright and Gaffin continue to interact via email, etc.


Dan Dillard

P.S. You all saw John Robbins, didn’t you?

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Was this review helpful to you?

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 08:36:31 -0600
From: Douglas Jordan
Subject: Was this review helpful to you?

A while ago a number of us voted regarding the helpfulness of the Amazon reviews of The Federal Vision.

If anyone's interested, there are a few new reviews posted. Looks like Oupensky-fan ingrid888 seems to have found at least 6 people to go across all the reviews and vote "helpful" for the 1-stars and "unhelpful" the 5-stars.


Another Forwarded BH Post

Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 04:41:13 -0800
From: “Dale Courtney”
Subject: Another Forwarded BH Post


I wanted to alert you to yet another BH post that has been forwarded elsewhere and posted publicly.

The original post was from 29 May 2003:

The post (by Wilson) was just posted publicly over at

I don’t know where the leak is, but we need to make it stop.